Monday, November 28, 2011

Do yourself a favour and watch Shoah, if you haven't already seen it. If we start to forget and push away what happened, we only doom ourselves to further failures of mankind.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Soooo some things that are coming up...

Alright, So this weekend is a pretty busy one for me. First off I'll be painting here. It's a fundraiser for Emily Sheppards new studio! So please come by and support local artists!
I'll also be putting in 2 paintings here for the Movember fundraiser at Whiskey Dix. So come get your drink on and buy shit! It's all for a good cause!

So I guess I'll put some photos of stuff I've been working on, then rant a bit. You all love a good rant, right?
 This is from the summer... it's life size, and for sale. No frame though, sorry guys!
 This was for a show at The Goods. I think Mitch bought it!
 Same show, acrylic on a skateboard, and hand glued beads. many many beads.
 In progress On Lyndsay
 In progress on Rhys
I really want to tattoo something like this or this. So this is up for grabs!

So now for my rant. Kirk and I were talking earlier, and we've realized that there is an alarming amount of people who just have a terrible work ethic. Alarming!

 Now, I've been working since I was old enough to get a job. Full-time, at that, even in High School and College. Even if, at times, I've hated whatever job I may have hated on at the time, I still did a good job.... because it was what I was getting paid to do. How hard is that?

I just don't understand people who get a job that they hate, then complain, and steal, and generally just suck at life. First of all, you were hired to do your job for a reason, so do it. I don't care if you don't want to be there. Don't want to be there? Get a new fricken job! I'm sick and tired of being helped out by people who just don't care to actually help you out. I especially don't understand waitresses and waiters who do the bare minimum of serving, and expect to still get tipped. It's your JOB to give good service. If you do a good job, then you get a good tip. If you do a shitty job, and are rude, then your tip diminishes to the bare minimum.... kind of like how your serving skills are. And don't you dare try to give me shit service next time I'm in, based on my tip, because that's just making it worse for you.... take that opportunity to see where you can improve, and do so, and you will be rewarded.

Simple, right? The same goes for someone, say, in my industry. We get so many questions, every day, and while a lot of them seem inane, and easily figured out, I will always try to give a concise and well thought out answer, because even though it may seem simple to me, I know that the person asking me may not understand what I'm talking about. I expect the same when I go to a business that I'm unfamiliar with. It takes how much longer? Not that much! 

I also don't understand people who have a job, that is an awesome job, but they have no drive to get better at it... but that's for another day!


Saturday, October 15, 2011

Anyone who is anyone will be here. So come and spend yer munnies for a good cause!

So tonight there is a rad party, Kirk and Marky are auctioning off tattoo time, Curtis is auctioning off a date ( beleive me, the bids are gonna be through the roof) and I'll be selling prints, where 100% will go towards the cause! Beers, Motorbikes, Babes.... If you miss out you'll regret it!

These are the prints for sale. $15 cash. limited run of 10 each. on waterproof and tearproof paper! 
Come and buy them up!
Thats all for now, 
stay classy!
<3 Stephanie

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Busy little bee.

So last week I kind of slacked off to go to a few metal shows (Exhumed/Macabre/Galgamex, etc... at the Rickshaw, and Exodus/Rob Zombie/Slayer!). Got a bit too tipsy, had a bit too much fun, may have agreed to go on a motorcycle ride (Scary stuff!)
In any case, I agreed to put something in this "Body art show" at the fall. The show is on August 13th at the fall. 644 Seymour st!
I'm not done yet.... but I'm reasonably certain that I can finish this in time! this is what I have so far
 I've also been starting/finishing some rad things at the shop lately

This is all stuff that i really am into tattooing so if anyone is looking to get something like these done give me a shout!
Rain City Tattoos
101-223 w broadway

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Shiiiiit, I could have learnt all this in only 2 weeks?

So undoubtably you all have heard about the lovely show airing on TLC by the name of "Tattoo School".
If you haven't, please return to your rock, you shouldn't even be on the interwebs anyways.
While I loooove some reality tv drama ( seriously, love it), I'm not too stoked about this for a number of reasons; first off, 2 weeks? Really? Can you even learn about cross contamination in 2 weeks? And I'm not talking about run of the mill bleaching everything in sight till yer eyes burn off type of cross contamination, but a "hepatitus can live on a dry surface for up to 7 days" kind of contamination. 7 motha-flippen days! That's half the course! shit, that's 2400$ worth of learning. pay up suckas!
Then there's the insult to our profession. hair dressing is an 8 month course, training at McDonalds is 3 weeks minimum ( believe me, I worked there when I was 15). But noooo problem, you wannabe rockstars, tattooing is so EASY that you can learn quicker than it takes to learn how to make a big mac to scar ( sorry, TATTOO) your friends up. I wish I had thought about that first!
But you have to wonder why they're even thinking of airing such a show. It's not like they ever aired a how-to-be-a-dentist show on tv. Probably because most dentists are boring ( or do tons of ecstasy, which would also be boring to watch ; how many hours of carpet rubbing, jaw wrenching dance parties could you stand?). Tattooed people are apparently interesting to watch. We like to yell a lot, as witnessed on NY INK, we like good times, living large, etc..... and we look pretty. people like pretty people, right?
So while this whole tattoo school thing sounds like some crazy learn off that colored talking picture box of witchcraft kind of deal, TLC knows exactly that by calling something "tattoo school" they will generate enough controversy to get hundreds of thousands of people to watch the show.... and it will turn out to be a bunch of potentially pretty people yelling and stirring shit up, and very little actual tattooing. Do yourselves a favour and don't buy into the hype!

In other news I did these this week :
week 1! look ma!
day 8 ( photo courtesy of Frank Grimes!)
don't try this at home kiddies ( or do, whatevs)

Monday, July 4, 2011

It's a no show kind of day.....

Wow.... So I had a whole great post to share, but I just deleted it by accident. Ballz.
In any case, the gist of the post was about creating a blog and creating a persona carefully crafted in order to showcase a select side of myself, as bloggers often do, in order to, well, seem much more wicked than I probably really am ( go figure). 
I figure it's probably good to not have a long post anyways. People just want to look at pictures. So while I may not figure out this blog thing as quickly as I hope to, here's some eye candy for all you lovelies to enjoy!

Also, check out ! And Like us! it would be radical.
I'll be back tmmrw to talk about fun stuff :)
Stay Classy!